Friday, February 5, 2010

is this thing on?? (December happened - second round)

So I had this entire blog written about 2 weeks ago. And my computer decided to give up on me when I was just about to post... good times. Here it is - what I remember anyway!

Hanukkah Happened:
This was my first official Hanukkah. So much fun on those 8 Crazy Nights! Marc and I celebrated on our own for the first few nights and I worked on the prayers. I am proud to say that I am pretty good at them by now. And yes, I read them in Hebrew! :) Marc's parents, Joe and Linda, joined us from Chicago for the last 4 nights. They came not only to help us celebrate but to watch Aden while his daycare was closed for the holidays. We had a ton of fun with them. Aden got lots of Chick-fil-a and many trips to the mall with Grandma and Zaide!

The Night Before Christmas Eve Happened:
Marc and I decided to head to Greenwood to celebrate some good news at the Cheesecake Factory... and my Dad and Shelley joined us! We ate and laughed and had a jolly time. Since we weren't going to see them for Christmas, it was good to see them at least a couple days before.
Got home late that night and went to bed - only to get a phone call at 1am from our friend Erin. She was finally in labor with their second son! So we headed over to spend the night there and take care of big brother Sal in the morning. Sal was SOOOO excited to see us at the house... he knew exactly what it meant to see Marc and I - a baby brother was coming home! In our hustle to get everyone out the door on time that morning, Marc fell down the entire flight of stairs at the Lavelle house - OUCH!

Christmas Happened:
My Mom and the Canadian crew came on down for Christmas. We had a really great time with everyone. Cassy was home from college, Elyse was glad to have a break from school and Mom and Martin were glad to have a break from Canada! :) We went totally untraditional for Christmas Eve dinner having a taco bar with all homemade ingredients. It was so good. On Christmas Day we were all slow pokes... we made MonkeyBread from scratch as a family (that was interesting!), we ate breakfast, Marc and I went to visit Erin and new baby Dario at the hospital to say hello (I was the first friend to hold the baby! YAY!), and then we came home to open gifts... at like 1pm! We all got some great things - I loved everything that I got - how could I not? New Coach bag (that was actually for Hanukkah), clothes, books and new cookbooks, slippers, trips and a gorgeous diamond and sapphire necklace from Marc. My Mom and Martin bought us Rock Band... we created a legendary band called Hark. (We are waiting from the call from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for our induction... if ABBA can get in there, so can Hark!) We were very sad when some of our members were deported back to Canada... please come back!

New Year's Eve Happened:
We had Aden with us for NYE. We really wanted to see how long he would stay awake... we knew that he wouldn't make it to midnight, but he probably would make it to at least 10:30 and he did! (he had plenty of practice when we were at Grandma Linda and Zaide's for Thanksgiving) So even though Aden really digs on Ryan Seacrest, he said Happy New Year a tad early and put him to bed! Marc and I opened a bottle of champagne and drank it from our engraved glasses we got for our prom in 1996 - it just seemed appropriate. :) So midnight hit, we kissed our great big kisses and we texted our well wishes to those we cared to text. Looking forward to a fabulous 2010... (so far, it's been great!)

New Year's Day Happened:
There is a lot to celebrate in a short 24 hours each year for us... NYE, my Dad and Shelley's wedding anniversary, Dad's birthday and just a fresh slate for everyone with the ringing in of the new year!
I went up to Indy to join my Dad and Shelley for his birthday celebration - we went to Maggiano's and it was delicious! Marc and Aden had to stay home. Next time boys...
We just hung out at the house the next morning and I played on Shelley's new Kindle. (if I read faster, I would totally want one!) I went back to Bloomington mid-afternoon and Marc and I headed to French Lick to celebrate the new year on our own...

So that was December 2009. We made some fabulous memories that will be cherished forever. Here's to a great 2010!

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